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    Jiangsu Shuangdeng Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1986, is a group of companies to brand-name products, brand-name culture rise in the China communications industry and Chinese battery industry, after 10 years of development, has now become China's largest valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery development, production and sales base, is China valve control sealed battery field one of the leading enterprises.

    The day before, Taizhou city administration should be commissioned by the Jiangsu Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau, the provincial health experts invited occupation of Limited by Share Ltd Shuangdeng group with an annual output of 3 million kWh high capacity free maintenance project occupation colloid storage battery health protection facilities on-site verification, and consistent audit through the project completion and acceptance.

    雙登集團股份有限公司是國內規模最大的閥控密封鉛酸蓄電池生產企業, 2011年底,因該公司設備陳舊、工藝落后、生產現場鉛塵超標,且不符合衛生安全防護距離不足500米的規定,姜堰市安監局會同環保部門對該單位下達了責令限期整改的監察指令。
    Shuangdeng group Limited by Share Ltd is the largest of the valve regulated lead-acid battery production enterprises, by the end of 2011, because of the company's obsolete equipment, backward technology, production of lead dust exceed the standard, and does not comply with the provisions of the health safety protection distance less than 500 meters, the Jiangyan City administration in conjunction with the environmental protection departments of the units issued order rectification supervision instruction.

    This year, the company has invested nearly 1 billion yuan, the introduction of the most advanced continuous casting plate manufacturing system, the emissions of lead vapor decreased over 60%; the introduction of the United States Mark high speed lamination plate brushing machine and other equipment, reduce the lead dust in the production process of lead-acid battery production; the introduction of the German vacuum acid filling machine, reduce the formation process of acid fog pollution, fully automated production, from the source to control and eliminate the occupation disease harm, ensure the health protection facilities post in place.

    The expert group to view the information, look at the scene, the staff inquiry that the company establish and improve the occupation health prevention system and operating rules, the implementation of the daily monitoring and periodic testing of occupation hazards disease, establish and improve the workers' health surveillance archives; production site set up and out of the car between the air shower, to achieve the work place and living place apart to effectively reduce the occupation disease harm, in the production process, implement the main responsibility for the occupation disease prevention and control, agreed by the project completion and acceptance.





    手 機:136-8125-4007

    郵 箱:japatoyo@foxmail.com

    公 司:江蘇雙登集團股份有限公司

    地 址:江蘇省泰州市姜堰區粱徐鎮雙登科工園區